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Newly Discovered GILZ Protein Promotes Bone Growth in Mice

fosamax class action suitA newly discovered bone growth is believed to be the basis of a revolutionary new drug that will change osteoporosis medications, medical experts say, citing the discovery by the Georgia Health Sciences University graduate student Guodong Pan. This new discovery might dispel the recent study that suggests that current osteoporosis meds are no better than measured wine consumption.

The protein is called GILZ. It was originally discovered (along with Dr. XingMing Shi, a bone biologist at the GHSU Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics) as an alternative medication for treating rheumatoid arthritis. Nonetheless it has significant potential for treating other diseases involving bone brittleness. The normal drug of choice for treating rheumatoid arthritis is glucocorticoids, but these drugs have been known to cause osteoporosis in addition to reducing the body’s inflammatory response and leaving the body prone to bone loss.

Due to both bone and fat cells sharing the same biological precursor in mesemchymal stem cells, which may be made into both fat and bone cells for a person. The challenge then, for the researchers was to find a way to disrupt the body’s natural tendency to create fat and instead induce more bone production.

The result was finding that GILZ was not only responsible for mediating the immune response of the body (similar to glucocorticoids) but it also mediates bone formation as well. When overexpressed in lab mice this protein led to increased bone growth in mice. The way this works is that the protein inhibits fat production by regulating it and genes marked for its production. If this study proves successful, safe and confirmed for becoming into a medication that may be taken for treating arthritis but also potentially for osteoporosis.


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In Oct 12-15, Guodong Pan received the Young Investigator Award from the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research for his groundbreaking work in this field of study at the society’s annual meeting in Minneapolis. If you wish to read more about osteoporosis, fractures, arthritis and updates on Fosamax and other osteoporosis medication, read more articles on the settlement compensation for Fosamax on websites and resources online.

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17 Oct 2012
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Newly Released Personalized Health Digest Espouses Proactive Measures for Fighting Disease

One of the world's largest media hub network, Mediaplanet has recently released its personal health digest called “The Proactive Patient,” media reports say, outlining and promoting in 16 pages its idea of a personalized health as a novel approach to patient care.
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This approach specifically believed in proper treatment for the most common ailments to focus on the “personalized” needs of the patient’s health history and condition in which one treatment method does not necessarily fit for everyone. Therapy for illnesses such as diabetes, coronary disease, and even osteoporosis are considered to be in the hands of the patient -- with treatment leaning towards prevention and taking a proactive stance rather than a reactive one.

This treatment model might steadily be gaining ground with patients who are already diagnosed with illness or would want to avoid it altogether. This might be preferable for patients who question the efficacy of certain medications such as the osteoporosis drug Fosamax, which has been linked to numerous Fosamax class action settlement disputes.

Read more on this topic here: Do the Benefits of Fosamax Outweigh the Risks?

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03 Oct 2012
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